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新博88官方登陆网址  在平平淡淡的日常中,大家都尝试过写作文吧,作文是由文字组成,经过人的思想考虑,通过语言组织来表达一个主题意义的文体。那要怎么写好作文呢?以下是小编为大家整理的小学生英语作文300字8篇,仅供参考,欢迎大家阅读。


小学生英语作文300字 篇1


  "Happy new year, happy streets.". New year's day finally arrived. In the evening, our family sat on the table and had a reunion dinner.


新博88官方登陆网址  The dishes for dinner are really rich: Tangyuan, roast duck, hairy crab, hotpot and other delicacies. The strong smell makes my mouth water.

新博88官方登陆网址  我津津有味大口大口的吃了起来,真是美味佳肴啊!

  I ate with great relish. It's really delicious!

小学生英语作文300字 篇2

新博88官方登陆网址  This is Beijing .It’s in the north of china .It’s got fourteen million people .It’s very big .There is a very famous wall in Beijing .The Great Wall .

新博88官方登陆网址  It’s about six thousand seven handred kilomiters .And there is a famons square in the middle of Beijing it’s beautifui . It’s Tian’anmen square .I like Beijing .Iwant to go to Beijing one day.


新博88官方登陆网址  这是关于六千零七个百千米。有一个著名的广场在北京中部的美丽。就在天安门广场的。我喜欢北京。我希望有一天能去北京。

小学生英语作文300字 篇3

  What’s you favourite?My favourite sport is football game.Before I play football,I need a pair of runners shorts and football.I play football with my friend.I want to go to the playground to play football.Playground is very big.It is nice.We play football after class.

  Sometimes I win,sometimes I lose.But I’m happy,because sports can make me strong and healthy.

小学生英语作文300字 篇4

  I have a rough niece, her name is Xu Ziteng, listening to the light, will know that he is not a gentle girl Xu Ziteng has a black head and waist hair and thick black eyebrows curved, as lovely as the moon, a pair of the most striking longan, round eyes, long below with a mouth and tide wait for no man. .

  Xu Ziteng often abused his toy, a second before the teddy bear and kissing and hugging, heavy is still on the ground after a seconds, still not trap to feel avenged on two feet.

  Xu Ziteng is a savage girl!

小学生英语作文300字 篇5

  My penpal is a boy. He name is ZhangChenxi. He lives in TangShan with his father and mother. He likes playing footbal. He likes making kites and eat good food.

新博88官方登陆网址  He usually goes to school by bus. Sometimes he goes to school on foot. He usually watches TV on the weekend. He has a sister are twins. His sister Ann goes school on foot,too.

  But Ann doesn't likes eat good food. because she is fat. This is my panpal.

小学生英语作文300字 篇6

新博88官方登陆网址  My family

  I have a happy family.There are three people:my father , my mother and me.My father is 38 yeas old.He is tall and thin.He is very smart.Every day,he often reads books and watches TV.He is kind.He is a policeman.

  My mother is pretty.She is fat and tall.She is 37 yeas old.She often cleans the room in my home.She is a cleaner.

  My name is Zhong Liujuan.I am a student.I am a pretty girl.I have a short hail and big eyes.I usually goes to school by bike.Sometimes I go by bus.

新博88官方登陆网址  This is my family.I am very like it.

小学生英语作文300字 篇7

  We are going to Shanghai to visit the Oriental Pearl Tower (东方明珠塔) tomorrow. It’s a beautiful and famous place. And it’s more beautiful at night. Do you know how we can get there ?

  TheOrientalPearlToweris in the east ofShanghai. It is far from the train station (站) . So we can to there by the No. 1 subway. Get off at the People’s Park. Next go straight for ten minutes, turn left at the third crossing , then walk straight. You can find theOrientalPearlToweron the right.

小学生英语作文300字 篇8

新博88官方登陆网址  I have a very good English teacher. We all like her very much. She is very friendly to us. We alllike to have her English classes very much. She is so young and beautiful.

新博88官方登陆网址  She looks like a middle school student. She has two big eyes and long hair. She likes wearing T-shirts and jeans. She teaches English very well. In class, she looks like our elder sister. We usually learn new things by playing games and singing songs, so we always have fun in English class. She often helps us . After class, she looks like our friend. We often play games together.Do you like our English teacher too











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