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新博88官方登陆网址  在生活、工作和学习中,大家都写过作文吧,作文是从内部言语向外部言语的过渡,即从经过压缩的简要的、自己能明白的语言,向开展的、具有规范语法结构的、能为他人所理解的外部语言形式的转化。那么,怎么去写作文呢?以下是小编收集整理的英语作文400字4篇,仅供参考,大家一起来看看吧。


英语作文400字 篇1

  Come and meet my family.

新博88官方登陆网址  This is my father, he is tall and strong。 He is cool. He likes sports and computer games. He is a businessman.

  This is my mother, she is young and beautiful. She likes music and dancing. She is a businesswoman.

新博88官方登陆网址  This is my sister, she is tall and cute. She likes music, singing, painting and computer games. She is an active student.

  And these are my grandparents. They’re old. My grandpa is thin. He likes sports. He is a farmer. My grandma is a farmer, too.

  I love my family!

英语作文400字 篇2

新博88官方登陆网址  Directions: Two months ago you got a job as an editor for the magazine Design & Fashions. But now you find that the work is not what you expected. You decide to quit. Write a letter to your boss, Mr.Wang, address.


  I am writing to inform you to resign from my current position.

  The primary reasons First, after two months, I do feel that it is not easy to to the extra work and night shift. Second, the to be much lower than you a large family to suppot. Last, what I editor.

新博88官方登陆网址  Yours sincerely


英语作文400字 篇3


  To Be a Computer Expert Is My Ideal

  When I was at primary school, my dad bought a computer。 I have been addicted to it since then, At the very time, I got an ideal in my heart。 That is to be a computer expert。 I will invent the most advanced computer in the world with my wisdom and hard work。 I believe I can make it as long as I study hard from now on。

  To Be a Computer Expert Is My Ideal。

英语作文400字 篇4

新博88官方登陆网址  Trees are important for us because they can give us many things.First they can help to fresh the air .Second they can make surroundings more beautiful.Third trees can provide us much wood to build houses.Fourth trees can provide us shade to protect us from the strong sunlight.So trees are important for us and we should protect them.












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