高三年级英语作文:about examinations

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高三年级英语作文:about examinations

  在日常学习、工作和生活中,大家对作文都再熟悉不过了吧,作文是通过文字来表达一个主题意义的记叙方法。那么一般作文是怎么写的呢?下面是小编为大家收集的高三年级英语作文:about examinations,仅供参考,希望能够帮助到大家。

高三年级英语作文:about examinations

新博88官方登陆网址  i don't remember how many examinations i've taken since i began my schooling. truth to tell, i don't like examinations at all. i dare say that, in fact, no student likes examinations.

  we often hear people say “examinations are teachers' magic weapon”, so most of us may think it is our teachers who give us students so many examinations. but i don't think so. almost all of them have once been students before they became teachers. we don't like examinations, and neither do our teachers, which may be reasonably concluded. what's more,the more examinations we take, the more time will be taken from our teachers and the more troubles our teachers have to take.

新博88官方登陆网址  it is the system in our country, i think, that gives us students so many examinations. if there were no entrance examinations, and all the students could go up to the higher grades without competition, there would not be so many examinations in primary and middle schools. so it is important and necessary to reform the entrance system. only in this way can examinations be greatly reduced, and then all the students will be happier.

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